The perfect partner for successful real estate projects

Inside REAFINA Holding there are specialised companies at its disposal for every task and responsibility – these companies are closely interlinked by virtue of their overlapping structures. This guarantees a clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities, swift action, pronounced flexibility and a high level of reliability. Be it real estate projects in their entirety or aspects thereof: REAFINA AG’s qualified team is committed to finding sustainable solutions collaboratively and with the kind of quality that is to be expected from an operation in a German city that prides itself on its Hanseatic tradition. We will provide the cornerstone for you to build on.

Real estate is among the most secure and attractive capital investment and wealth creation options, if the location is right and if it is constructed carefully, future-proof and cost-efficiently, if you manage it optimally! We are the perfect partner for meeting these requirements.

REAFINA AG is a competent public limited company involved in the realisation of residential and commercial properties as a majority shareholder or for our own portfolio. Our operational focus is on the greater Hamburg area. Our particular strengths are a comprehensive services portfolio and an efficient operating structure.

We cover the entire supply chain on a one-stop basis:
Investor and investment capital support

The Team see more

bjoern_schwabe1 Björn Schwabe – chairman of the board REAFINA AG
hermann_nottorf1 Hermann Nottorf – Managing director REAKON
lasse_kammer1 Lasse Kammer – Manager of Investments and Investor Relations
jutta_schimmelpfeng Jutta Schimmelpfeng – Property Management