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Reafina AG

Our business is a holding company working in the real estate sector. Put simply:

We find and acquire land and existing real estate in cooperation with project developers. We then create and implement modern, future-oriented concepts for them.

This allows us to establish an attractive portfolio of residential and commercial properties that complement each other and of which we hold a majority interest or sole ownership.

We are also committed for our company group to covering the entire value chain of the buildings, ranging from the first idea to their construction and the administration or sale of the property. Our approach is sustainable and focused on the long term. We think that there is more to real estate than the interests of the shareholders and investors and protection of their assets. Carefully integrating the objects into their environment and taking the interests of residents and users into account is equally important. On the basis of the same philosophy, we aim for controlled growth to which the structures and workforce can adjust without sacrificing quality.