Next Generation

Next Generation

Our Future in Dialogue

Aleyna Gökpinar

Apprenticeship as Real Estate Agent

Why did you choose an apprenticeship as a real estate agent?

I was able to gain knowledge in field of real estate at Reafina AG during a school-sponsored internship. I am interested in this career field because I like to interact with other people on a daily basis and prefer working outside of an office environment. I think it is exiting to prepare individual offers for customers and manage existing real estate.


Why did you choose Reafina AG?

Reafina AG is a holding company covering the entire service range in the value-added chain. For me as an apprentice, it was important to gain insight into all aspects of the service. Due to the family-office atmosphere in Reafina AG, there is great solidarity amongst the entire team.


Dual Curriculum Marketing Management with a Focus on Online Marketing

Why did you choose the Marketing Management Study Program?

I was able to gather some experience in this field prior to my studies with a face-to-face marketing job. The field of marketing is quite versatile and demanding. These days a marketing department or agency services are indispensable for any company. I chose to focus on online marketing because digitalisation is continuing to grow in Germany and throughout the world. With it also grows the general awareness of the company’s online presence. I like to develop concepts and paths as part of a team in an effort to reach our customer groups within the big picture, the internet.


Why Reafina?

My interest in real estate was awoken in the 7th grade by related media coverage. As a result, I completed an internship with a local real estate broker. This enabled me to get my first insights into the real estate business. Reafina AG covers the entire value-added chain in the real estate field and therefore it is the ideal company for me, because I will be able to link, develop and substantiate my career goals in a versatile manner.


First Experiences

I made the decision to pursue my degree studies here rather quickly. I would choose Reafina AG today as well. The entire team welcomed me in a warm and heartfelt manner and made me feel like a fully integrated and valuable member of the team from the very beginning. In addition, as a student it is a great feeling to be heard and taken seriously in a company, which would probably not happen as quickly in a large corporation. After about one year, I was able to work on numerous practical tasks independently, which allowed me to gather a lot of valuable experience. I look forward to the time and the challenges awaiting me here in the years to come.

Adriana Salazar

Apprenticeship as Real Estate Agent

In August 2019 I started to work at the Reafina AG as a new trainee. I decided to study as a management assistant in real estate because the job is very wide-ranging. In my younger days I gained insight into the real estate industry as part of my family
worked in real estate business.

Reafina AG covers the entire value creation chain of the real estate sector and thus offers a comprehensive insight into the diversity of the real estate industry. The Reafina AG is the perfect company for my traineeship, because I receive an ideal introduction to the job profile of the real estate agent and my professional interests are supported.

Another unique feature of Reafina AG is the good cooperation, the cohesion and the
family atmosphere that prevails within the Rea-Team.