As Hanseatic merchants, we represent responsibility, reliability and partnership.


We understand the property sector as an area of activity that requires a long-term approach, intuition and a pronounced sense of responsibility. After all, there is more to property than the secure investment of substantial sums of money and the expansion of this invested capital. Buildings shape their location and environment for years to come; they give humans a home and create conditions for companies to succeed in their work.

To us, living our values means acting in the spirit of the Honourable Hanseatic Merchant. REAFINA AG works flexibly and fast, with competence and commitment, at a high level of quality. This is always accompanied by our standard of conduct: to meet all involved parties, companies and institutions as equals. We carry great responsibility: for financial wealth and assets, for humans and our environment. This is why we maintain clear project structures, act transparently and communicate openly. Our actions are always clear and comprehensible. And last, but certainly not least, honesty and reliability complete the values we live: we keep our promises.