Our Corporate Group: extensive real estate expertise under one roof.

REAFINA AG is a corporate holding company that is active in real estate project investments. Successful implementation of residential and commercial projects as well as its management or sales is extraordinarily complicated and requires in-depth and up-to-date expertise in numerous specialist areas. In an effort to optimally meet these requirements we not only have extremely qualified employees, but also an efficient structure: we have bundled and compounded the competencies for the different areas of responsibility for our respective specialised subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are organised to seamlessly interact and supplement each other during the progression of a project.

Bjoern Schwabe

CEO of Reafina AG

Phone: +49 40 36 88 007 0


REAKON focuses on building new structures and/or renovating existing real estate.

REAKON’s services are concentrating on the erection of new structures and/or renovating existing properties. It is our engineering office and is responsible for providing consulting services to our project developers and investors throughout the construction process. In close cooperation with its partners it is responsible for all construction project management, commissioning the necessary specialist contractors and coordinating the aforementioned, as well as other parties involved in the project.

Project management functions also include, for example, construction status reporting, quality assurance and initiation of the first steps for the potential sale of the real estate. The scope of responsibility ends with the conclusion of the construction project and turnkey handover.

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Hermann Nottorf

Managing Director of REAKON

Phone: +49 40 36 88 007 10


The REAMGMT GmbH is our specialist for object management.

The REA Management GmbH is our specialist for object management. Once a building has been erected the operational phase begins and with that, a multi-facetted area of responsibility that must guarantee the economical and safe use in numerous areas and for many decades. This includes appropriate conditions for living and working, investments in value preservation, numerous legal aspects, technology, responsible water and power usage, and much more. It also always concerns the people residing in and using the object. All of the aforementioned makes real estate something special and makes it entitled to the best possible maintenance.

The REA–Management GmbH manages commercial and residential real estate with a broad-based service spectrum covering all tasks required for technical and business management, ranging from performing repairs and modernisation tasks to lease management.

Jutta Schimmelpfeng

Property and Housing Administration Reamgmt

Phone: +49 40 36 88 007 89


There is hardly any other investment form that is as successful, in perspective, as investing in real estate.

There is hardly aby other investment that is as successful, in perspective, as an investment in real estate. Provided one invests in the right objects. Is it in the right location? Is the utilisation concept (still) up-to-date? Is the construction quality and technical equipment adequate? How appropriate is the price and the operating costs? These questions and more must be answered in a competent manner in order to make the right decision. REABIZ is the ideal contact partner for this. Its core competency is developing, conceptualising and implementing investments in German real estate – either in new construction projects or existing properties.

If an investor is looking for a profitable investment property or is still in need of capital for a promising construction project, our investment specialists are the right contact partners for matching up the appropriate interests and projects. REABIZ services are based on high-quality consulting services and support, which are individually coordinated with the investor’s options and ideas. In addition, REABIZ has excellent market knowledge and contacts. REABIZ assists in addressing and integrating other important partners, such as banks, legal advisors or architecture and engineering firms in a goal- oriented manner. This is how business services provided by the REABIZ team initiate the interaction.

Bjoern Schwabe

Managing Director

Phone: +49 40 36 88 007 0

REABIZ Crowd Capital GmbH

We offer real estate investments with a high-level protective standard for everyone.

Real estate investments are profitable, although they frequently require a high investment capital. It is complicated for small investors to profit from this type of investment. With its crowd-investing-platform “ReaCapital“, the REABIZ Crowd Capital GmbH has provided a tool to change this. The idea is simple: what cannot be achieved by one person on their own can be achieved by multiple individuals working together. Numerous small contributions become one large contribution.

We present selected real estate projects on ReaCapital. Investors can get involved in these projects with appropriated subordinate loans. In doing so, the project developers will receive additional mezzanine capital. This provides the developers with a flexible third party financing option and normally improves the profitability of their own investment capital.

We have integrated effective security mechanisms to protect the investments – one of which being Reafina’s expertise. The corporate group is successfully active in all service phases of the real estate business. We have full access to this expertise through the Reafina holding structure. Every “ReaCapital project is thoroughly analysed in advance.

The Reafina Group provides investors with its own existing real estate through ReaCapital to increase investment protection. If a project does not progress as planned, the investors’ will be reimbursed their investment capital from the sale of this existing real estate (if applicable, in a pro-rated manner). This free additional service is unique to Germany. Attractive yields with decreased risk due to our additional investor protection – that is a persuasive combination.

Nadja Brandenburg


Phone: +49 40 36 88 007 71



REA Ventures provides consulting services to international growth companies included in the investment portfolio of REAFINA shareholders.

In addition to investing in real estate projects, REAFINA shareholders are also strategically positioned when it comes to growth companies, with the investment strategy here focussing on digital B2C business models that are highly scalable.

Before investing venture capital, the team at REA Ventures conducts due diligence of the investment project to then manage the operational side of the investment process. Once an investment has been made, the team at REA Ventures is available behind the scenes to advise business owners when it comes to the strategic direction of their business models, as well as to provide operational support for matters relating to controlling, finance, automation, marketing and project management.

Key elements underpinning the success of an investment include a long-term commitment and taking an active role in the company’s management. An overview of the current investment portfolio is available here:

Nils Lensch-Franzen

Head of Venture Capital | Strategy | M&A

Phone: +49 (0) 40 36 88 007 93



REA Development – for property developers
More flexibility and individuality in the project financing through the modular investment model.

In order to secure the overall financing and the realisation of real estate projects, REA Development provides equity capital for property developers and structures mezzanine and debt capital for real estate projects of different asset classes. This endeavour is supported by systematic services in the area of construction management.

The advantage: Depending on your real estate project, the equity ratio for our project partners may be lower than represented by the participation ratio. REA Development can therefore support you either as a small or as a large partner.

Saime Yagci

Head of Project & Fonds Management

Phone: +49 (0) 40 368800773